Razz Security aims to promote cybersecurity awareness to the people and stress on the importance of keeping yourself secure online.

We conduct Cybersecurity Talks, Ethical Hacking classes and workshops, CTFs and provide penetration testing services to companies.

We also provide internships which helps an individual in gaining industry level expertise on cybersecurity

We are also competent developers and we develop Web applications and Android applications.

CyberSecurity Talks conducted by Razz Security helps an invidual get an idea on the field of cybersecurity from basic to advanced levels

Ethical Hacking classes and workshops conducted by Razz Security are well known for their practical classes as they gain knowledge in cyber security through live practical examples

CTFs - Capture The Flag events are also held by Razz Security in association with other companies which helps an Ethical Hacker or a Penetration to prove his skills to the world

Penetration Testing of websites are also provided by Razz Security